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If any instrument takes over the world, it will be the trombone! *insert sarcasm* Nope the clarinet is the instrument of the past, present, and future.

Honestly every time I'm depressed I just say imma go practice my flute. Only way to vent my emotions, heh.

"You can't solve your problems with sad flute music." Can the flutes at my school please do this?

De mensen achter John Williams #starwars, #lukeskywalker, #darthvader, #hansolo, #obiwankenobi

Oboe Wan, Horn Solo, Flute Skywalker, Harp Vader via the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

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The band teacher told us we had a spring break coming and Jordan said "can. Can we come through *points towards back door*" we all agreed

Marching Band Problems

So, it started pouring at a football game, and we're all like, "WE CAN STILL MARCH!" But our band director was like, "I don't want your parents yelling at me when your instruments get ruined.