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15 Mannequins That Will Steal Your Soul

Satan is making Mannequins again and they are terrifying!

AHHH lolol I would have screamed too they look like human baby birds!!

I think we just found Moffat's next Doctor Who episode.--- That already WAS a Doctor Who episode.

Sounds like a politician answering a question. Avoiding the truth.like a boss! <--- I pinned it for the comment. SO true and funny!

Even Trump is offended by this

Even Trump is offended by this

Good kid

One hot meme

Can we just acknowledge the fact she has her momma in her contacts list as "birth giver"? <<<< I have my mom in my phone as birth giver also

Old Spice. My favorite commercials.

Old spice commercials are the best. Why can't women soap and shampoo be awesome? That herbal essence one is funny though

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Well, that's enough internet for today

She looks like Ms. Peregrine with pink hair

Prima-donna level skillz// it looks like cotton candy :D <--- she transformed into Effie Trinket