something about hot skater boys ahhh

Anyone else think this is Lashton's love child ??!

// rollin' w the homies \\

I always like a boy that can pull off a punk rock swag.

Declan Character inspiration diamonds and unicorns: Hipster: A mistura perfeita entre hips, vintage, grunge e indie

frankie rossi

frankie rossi

Round of applause for his parents! ;D

Guys with Swag

Hey, I'm Ian Hensley. I'm 16. I have Schizophrenia, a brain order that causes people to interpret reality abnormally. I tend to hallucinate a lot, my mind is often delusional. I don't talk a lot, my speech is disorganized and everything I say seems to be used against me. Most schizophrenics are violent and have disruptive behavior, I'm the complete opposite in that insight. I try to help with whatever I can, and I hate to be rude and disrespectful.

Heyyyo, I'm Jacob. I'm 19 and I have a little sis, Brooke. I also have two cousins, Emily and Will.


Austin Gray} "Hi. I'm Enter Sandman from Metallica. I have a twin sister. I'm super flirty, and yeah.

Hey I'm Chris. I'm 19. I'm a drug dealer. I'm addicted to smoking, drinking, and I'm a bit of a flirt. I have a three year old daughter and she is everything to me. Introduce?

fashion piercing style hipster Grunge male model Alternative chrstphrmc tattooed boy christopher mc s-u-b-u-r-b-iii-a

Just sittin on the car, friend me on Facebook: nick toppel

im 19 years old and single. I have a younger sister named Jessica who is I like skateboarding and surfing. Introduce yourselves?

Xjejfhebyfcne CUTE!!!!

Xjejfhebyfcne CUTE!!!!

tumblr_nr0rhbVjq41uxwvdpo1_1280.jpg (640×1136)

I love this picturee

In love

In love

By Natalia Parsonson

Matt Harnacke By Natalia Parsonson

piercings de labio, labret, monroe.

men's emo fashion (nice hat and piercings)

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Light Brown Hair And Brown Eyes: Character Inspiration

Daamn boi. He's hawt as fuck. O.o

Dating emo guys