First book, chapter five, paragraph seventy three, sentence one. That's when Annabeth said 'you drool in your sleep'.

And NICO was head of the gay rights and emo club

>> I hope that they mean the REAL Calypso, otherwise it just sounds like a sad replacement, which is totally unfair towards the real Calypso. <<<< yay life is Goode

Then Nico pips up and is like "do ur parents know?"

OMG OMG OMG YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS <<< I ship it; I don't care, I just ship it. << but just imagine percy walking in and dropping his slice of pizza on the ground while calling for Annabeth

I'm crying. This is just so beautiful. HEADCANON ACCEPTED 

Head Canon - Percy Jackson - Annabeth walked into her classroom. It has been 12 years since she was married to Percy.

I am so happy right now

I like to think that with everything that's gone wrong in their lives, somehow the Percabeth wedding would be completely flawless.Oh and headcannon freaking accepted!

Oh. Kronos possessed the body of Luke whose father is Hermes... Hermes invented the Internet? Good to know

This completely makes sense. Kronos is Percy's granddad and he possessed Luke, who is a son of Hermes. I can just imagine Annabeths Hazel Frank Leo Piper Jason Reyna Nico Rachel Grover Clarisse and Thalia faces

So glad this didn't happen

Please tell me this doesn't really happen in House Of Hades! That this is all some sick joke! *rocks back and forth in tears*

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Then when Percy and Annabeth come back, they see their children sitting in the middle of chaos. Then Leo's just there in the background "TIA CALLIDA ALL OVER AGAIN!

PJO headcanon

Ah the stolls <-- on the one hand, this funny, on the other, i don't think the athena cabin would react /that/ badly to spider man