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Love this! Especially the original poster's tagline: let's go caroling.

airyairyquitecontrary: “indigobluerose: “catsbeaversandducks: ““Just get in the car, Alice. I’ll explain on the way.” ” It would be like the noir sequel to Alice in Wonderland. Alice grows up, becomes.

Scourge's Revolution by serenitywhitewolf on deviantART

"Scourge's Revolution" Left to right: Bloodbird, Brick (I think), Random cat (If it does have a name then I don't know it), and Bone.

Ok, I was going to move this over to the "G" Humor file, and then I stopped to think.  We've been seeing a lot of posting lately about anti-bullying.  Here's a question for everyone - does something like this - "weirdo" - count as bullying and name calling?  Does it promote the idea that you can call people names, at least if the name is supposed to be part of a joke or taken as humor?

"Stop looking at so many pictures of me, weirdo." by sarcastic Grumpy Cat.

Photoshop Animals

The squirrel duck, squirrel cat, and wolf owl are actually really cool!