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Stay Low Key

Not everyone needs to know everything about you. Splashing your every move and thought on social media. A private life is a happy life!

Knowing you are heard by the LORD. It is the best way to walk through life.

I am weak, this is true but my Savior is the the One True King, The Lion of The Tribe of Judah! And when I pray, I pray in His Authority to which all has been handed according to the will of the Father. I cannot imagine Power greater than that.

"when it comes to matters of protecting my family, my friends, and my heart ... i am also the most powerful and relentless creauture you will ever know"

It is my nature to be kind, gentle and loving. when it comes to matters of protecting my family, my friends, and my heart. do not trifle with me, for i am also - Add text to your images with PixTeller

Face everything and rise!

Esta es mi lema de vida, from today and forever, not mather what happend


I will love you under any condition and under any circumstance my love You are so amazing sweetheart


Women think they are "Real Women" but they seem to be really good at kicking their man when he's down.that is NOT a real woman. Stop whining, ladies, and be a real woman!

just fix it

Romantisme- I like what is written down on this picture because it teaches those of us born in a later time what it takes to live our lives like this couple and live our lives this long and maybe longer. They are a beautiful couple with words of wisdom!