Book Two: Catching Fire. "The Hunger Games: Book Two: Catching Fire. " Katniss and Peeta's victory is cut short as the Quarter Quell puts them back into the Hunger Games for the second time.

Official Haymitch Capitol Portrait

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Capitol Portrait of Haymitch Abernathy - Capitol Couture - Promotional Poster


Heffie<--- whoa whoa whoa, is this a thing? Like, a lot of people ship it? people ship them? Hmmm, I dunno about this

There are not teams in the Hunger Games. There was never a choice for Katniss to make. The only team possible is Team Haymitch. Just because of his pure awesomeness.

We Finally Get to See Katniss, Gale, and Peeta in District 12 in New 'Hunger Games' Photos

The Boys of Hunger Games: Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. I can't choose, Peeta or Gale?

No I didn’t want to hurt you

The Hunger Games - Catching Fire - The Mockingjay - The symbol of the rebellion - I never menat to start a war.

The Hunger Games vs. Catching Fire Hunger games part 2-lol JUST KIDDING hunger game fans get SO pissed when you say this

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The Hunger Games vs. Catching Fire Hunger I like catching fire better:)

First and last scenes in CF

Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Finnick, and Johanna's first and last appearances in Catching Fire.

How to win the Hunger Games

"Oh, you thought you were getting a nice fruit salad." Hahaha I actually thought about this when I saw the movie.

True dat

If you say Prim Rue or Finnick deserved to die I'll cut you so deep even Clove will be impressed.