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The perfect pick up line. Like I've said before many times, Bryan Stars gives perfect interviews. I have rewatched this interview like 5 times and it never gets old.

lol i love this interview it's my second favorite from all the BryanStarzzzz interviews with BVB!

Make me scream

What Andy says to the guys who hate on him cuz their girlfriends listen to BVB:^^^^^^^ .Wut Andy saying is true.

Andy, I love him either way

Andy Biersack / Andy Sixx Just because he has changed, doesn't mean he is a different person.

I don't care that this was from two years agoclan let's do it again this year. Andy is an amazing person and completely deserves this!

Andy is an amazing person and completely deserves this!<<<the entire band deserves this!

Litteraly me and my best friends arguments.I'm Jinxx