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cottonthebunny: “ Strike a pose. ~Cotton the Bunny ”

Rabbit Ears #RabbitEars #Earobics

Two spotted rabbits.

Cockapoo, Cottages, Lodges, Cabins, Farmhouse Decor, Family Houses

"You Smell Adorable" is not something you hear very often.    *silly rabbit*  I don't do inter racial/or out of species   relationships   <3

You smell adorable. No, you smell adorable.

lop-eared bunny :) they are the sweetest rabbit breed

Sometimes there's nothing we like doing more than clicking through pictures of cute baby animals. No shame in that. That's why we've rounded up some of the fluffiest...

Cute baby animals: 100 reasons to go 'Ahhhh'

This bunny is so cute.She reminds me so much of my new bunny. She washes herself exactly like this bunny does.so, sweet.

Bunnies!!! It's SMILING!!!!

How could anyone resist that face.no way

Why eat a flower when you can wear one?  Makes me wanna hot glue flowers to all my rabbits.  Would that be wrong?

Country Spring - Sweet Bunny - Why eat a flower when you can wear one?


Able to leap tall tall grass in a single bound!

Bunny Rabbit

Sweet Bunny, too cute!

black n white never looked so fab...

Dancing Queen tshirt for a bunny! Omg I need this for Buckey! Too bad he'd be a King and not a Queen.

mistymorrning: “ Source:imgfave-hero ”

Lop eared Bunny - photo by RosperRabbits on thepetscentral.

What??   I can say Meee ~~ OOww .... what's the problem here....    bh

Here comes peter cotton tail: Animals, Bunnyrabbits, Bunnies, Good Good

I am reading now

Back to School Bunny


Laughing bunny finds you funny!

~ Le Petit Poulailler ~ *Quilter * Treasure Hunter* *Online Shopkeep Extraordinaire* My Zibbet Shop...

Why so cute bunny rabbit?