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I'm gonna use that lightning thing. If any boy says something to annoy me I'll just be all,"Well you're 6 times more likely to get struck by lightning so,..."

Did you know...

These r some pretty interesting facts! My friend with love the scorpion one! He hates scorpions!

i don't wanna be in this generation can i go to the the 80s or the 70s or maybe the 60s and i can see the beatles that be awesome

Some Kids Will Save The World

I feel ya, sister :( Some Kids Will Save The World // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

I thought I was the only one who raced raindrops! And pro tip: when bumping down the stairs use a sleeping bag to go faster. And I didn't play superhero I played robot.

But I didn't do the pole, Pringles, or jello -- Never had a Game boy color and the pole but everything else, yes

29 Breathtaking Photographs Of The Human Race

29 Breathtaking Photographs Of The Human Race

I'll try it

Ahhhhhhh I can't breath! You will start laughing and will find it hard to stop.

Death bears

Please share, if this is true, we really do need prayer warriors to stand against the spirits of addiction and pharmakia and witchcraft in our neighborhoods. Have fun but use wisdom on Halloween!be safe!

I mean it won't happen and I don't have a crush but ok

My crush already asked me out lol. Don't repost and all will come true. Repost and all will come true. I hate these posts.