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I just imagine Percy going on her world and making a thing that says 'I love Annabeth' and her just stumbling across it.

Funny percy Jackson

What if he put the ring in a pair of chinese handcuffs and give it to Hazel, then when she took them off, the ring would be on her finger and he would ask her to marry him. The person who wrote the above was very clever

Once again, @Bianca di Angelo , an Oreo tweet.

Especially the double stuf ones. They're my babies *cuddles double stuf ores*

The person who harmed him, physically or mentally, will be slowly tortured to death by the Percy Jackson fandom as a whole.<<<<<have fun killing Tartarus.

Omg!!! Funny!

Leo Valdez is Captain Jack Sparrow. // hmm, Percy can be Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann can be Annabeth, and Frank would be that guy with the parrot. Hazel is the guy with the parrot. Frank IS the parrot.

I love Frazel Guys, Rick said that besides Percabeth and the Argo II, Frazel is his favorite ship :DD