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Nobukuni Enami – Japanese Photographer of Early 1900: Nobukuni Enami was a japanese professional photographer born in Edo (actual Tokyo) in 1859. Best known as T-Enami, he studied under the guidance of the famous photographer Ogawa Kazumasa (Isshin) during 1885-1890. A couple of years later, he moved to Yokohama to create his photographic studio on Benten-dori street.

Nobukuni Enami 江南 信國 was the real name of Yokohama photographer T. Here he is holding a war fan in a moment of repose during a "Self Portrait" photo shoot that included this shot as well.Okay more samurai then ninja but cool pic

A series of rare photographs of the Samurai of Japan in the 19th century, taken between 1863 and 1900. These vintage hand-colorized photographs unveil the last

The last Samurai – Some rare photos of Japan in the 19th century

Japanese samurais

Real life samurais…

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Katana Odori 1906 A woman with a katana (sword) at her side and a wooden or bamboo shaft of another implement on her back. Although, I initally thought that she might be a woman of the Samurai Class, after further research I think that she is in fact a dancer, probably a Geiko (Geisha), dressed to perform the Katana Odori (sword-dance).

The real life female samurai Tomoe Gozen. Japan is a nation with a strong history of female warriors, yet sadly so little fiction has been written on these fascinating ladies!


The last Samurai – Some rare photos of Japan in the 19th century

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: Paysan Tatoué Japan, about The technique of traditional Japanese tattoo has several names, irezumi or horimono.

Also co-opting the look and feel of ancient Samurai for the layered, stoic Paladin order.


When Danny was sixteen, he started collecting Japanese swords. But after he saw The Last Samurai as an adult, he knew swords weren& enough. He wanted his own suit of samurai armor. So, he spent two years of his life making one.


The last Samurai – Some rare photos of Japan in the 19th century

Hand-Colour photograph of a Japanese Samurai warrior by Franz von Stillfried-Ratenicz. Dated (Photo by: Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images)

Jean-Pierre Melville, Nathalie Delon and Alain Delon on the set of Le Samouraï (1967).

0 alain delon avec le producteur jean pierre melville et nathalie delon