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Welcome to my life. You're tall!"- a girl that I know (not particularly like) said to me once. "Well, if I'm tall, you're short.

Tall Girl Problems- I cant tell you how many ppl ask me this!

Tall Girl Problems - When the basketball girls are the popular ones (and you're not overly fond of them) this really sucks

Ginger....you know who you are.....

Kendra, 22 years old, theoriginaltgpFor all the beautiful tall girls and the problems we have to endure.

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I don't have this problem necessarily but I thought it was funny. Thank you queen sized bed!

I hate being able to see my ankles!! So if the pants aren't longs I'm not buying

This is seriously the biggest prob I have finding jeans that reach my ankles when I'm riding my horses 😁