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Ahh from the lighting thief to the blood of olympus! We all been together since the begging to the end . Percy Jackson , You'll never be forgotten . ~Daughter of the sea>>>>I remember when I was reading the lighting thief so long ago

Heroes of Olympus

Lost Hero, The Son Of Neptune, Mark of Athena, House of Hades, Blood Of Olympus.

I'm sobbing right now, this is so accurate Sometimes i feel now a days this is impossible

I will forever love all the Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson characters. I will always have a crush on Leo, but still.I SHIP CALEO SO MUCH!

Super excited and hope it's real.... but I don't want this to end up like the movies...<<<Let this be trrrruuuee<<<and not like the moooviiez

Super excited and hope it's real.<<<Let this be trrrruuuee<<<and not like the moooviiez<<<*heavy breathing**fangirl scream* .

it's a DAM Percy Jackson thing this is why I love the books

I was in the car with my dad and he was in the phone talking to my mom. He told her that we were driving over the dam. I laughed and said, "The dam snackbar!" He's never read the Percy Jackson series and was extremely confused.

LOL omg this is amazing

Looks like Ron Weasley's mom is pretty upset about his appearance in the music video for 'Lego House' by Ed Sheeran. My two favorite things combined. Harry potter and ed sheeran haha

"No, it's her." HAHA PERCY>>>> I know the PJO movies are nothing at all like the book...but still this part was funny

" HAHA PERCY>>>> I know the PJO movies are nothing at all like the book but for movies they are pretty awsome!<<<<TF just stop the PJO movies were horrible

Probably my favorite sene in the entire series

Love Mark of Athena, such an awesome book and part of an amazing series (The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan) Nothing can top Percy Jackson and the Olympians but this is a really awesome series!