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 hahaaaaa #burnnnnnn

bitch quotes and sayings

protective mom meme - Google Search

When your daughters boyfriend picks her up for a date, throw a shotgun shell at him. Then tell him "it moves a LOT faster after My dad would do that to me.

Bitch - Jordan Sarah Weatherhead

"I do bitch better than you;


If you take her to court every female person who has EVER had one will take the stand in her defense.

This is just funny, can you actually picture a cow in a sundress?  really! close your eyes.......hahahaha.....it is funny!    please don't ever wear a sundress, omg!!!!

Lynde Green Heflin Alabama Calhoun County Homewrecker Whore Damn you're like a beached whale

Keep on keeping on.... im too busy living my life and having my family

Glad you invited the haters club to watch her eat breakfast with her friends! You all must have a pathetic life at your age!

#edm where everything is right with the world.

Your Single Girl Goals

EDM and the culture surrounding can make me feel better than anything else.



That was your first mistake. LO

Not a basic bitch.

For those who not only work in a cubicle all day, but have THOSE bosses and nosey co-workers who like to walk around all day and watch other people work, while they never get anything done.

next time I am on the computer and someone is looking over my shoulder. I am going to open up a new tab and start searching, "how to kill the person behind me" haha