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SG Musical Damru/Damroo

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The Nyckelharpa is a Scandinavian Instrument.Picture of musical instruments.

The Japanese mouth organ used in gagaku (court music) descended from the Chinese sheng. The lacquered air chamber is often decorated. Here a spider waits for the next victim to be ensnared in the web.

fromthefloatingworld: “ Sho, Edo period The sho, the Japanese mouth organ descended from the Chinese sheng, is used in gagaku (court music). Air blown through the projecting mouthpiece circulates through the lacquer air chamber activating tiny.

Ancient Greek Musical Instruments | 020musi: 1858 Ancient Musical Instruments. Nicely hand colored ...

Interestingly enough this Ancient Greek Musical Instruments represent few of traditional instruments. After all the name came from Greek of

Christopher Eccleshall Electric Mandolin

frettedchordophones: frettedchordophones: Christopher Eccleshall Electric Mandolin =Lardy’s Chordophone of the day - a year ago

SmoothTalker Uke (or 4 string Mandolin) --- https://www.pinterest.com/lardyfatboy/

A database of Ukulele and Banjolele Manufacturers, Importers, Luthiers and Brands both old and current uke Ukelele banjo cavaco cavaquinho ukulelen Everything you need to know about Ukulele