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The Teen Bucket List (TheTeen_BucketList) sur We Heart It / signet visuel

Someday @Allison j.d.m Rice Reid, someday... Bucket list.

DONE, she did it for me first and a few years later, I returned the favor :)

New flavor

Invent a new ice cream flavor and call it after your grandma, tell her your invention means more to you than a child.

I have been on one once, but I'd love to go on another one (and actually remember it!)

go on a disney cruise. The hubby went on one when he was a kid. I hope to take the kids someday!

DONE! Doug took me there spontaneously :)

sweet 16 party my best friend at the time wanted to go to build a bear together and make friendship bears :)


Play Laser Tag with the Acting Compney - Check! and 3 outta 4 games not that i like to brag!"I'm 28 and I'm going to kick your ass at laser tag" - grant p

@Kristen - Storefront Life - Storefront Life - Storefront Life Bunch @Melanie Bauer Childress-Armistead Stewart

Go to Disney World with my best friend- I'm going to DisneyLAND with my best friends, so that's kind of the same thing.

I've never been! I want to so bad!

Go on the sky deck in Chicago - I dunno why I put this in my bucket list considering I'm terrified of heights