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4 Panel Life I always doodle on my papers and notes anyway, but sometimes when a teacher's blabbing on about the lesson, I just get a sheet of paper, hide it under my notes, and draw.

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Wwwwhhhhyyyyy this happens all the time but when I just half arse it it gets tons of people wanting me to draw something for them★ Life

true story

This happens every time.if a girl lifts and you don't you can't really expect to win. petite can be deceptive haha.

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I would take the freakin remote outta the one I least likes hands and yeaaaaahhhh

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THE DENTIST - image < My dad is a dentist, and it's hilarious seeing people struggle with these

4-panel Life: i do the same thing :3

Or sometimes if I'm reading a book and the character is angry or something I'll subconsciously have an angry face.I didn't draw this I jest thought it was funny<< YUP GLAD SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS

Affection by SnaiLords

The brother acts so much like my little sister and there I am petting her and my older bother you be in the room saying you guys are weird. I love this comic.