THIS IS MY ME TIME - Motivation Quote

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Niguhhhhhs I do this as tri sets.. I call them rounds of work out.. I do about 15 rounds sometimes.. I'm drenchedddddddd..

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Top Ten Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson Quotes

Who doesn't love Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? He's been my hero since I was nine -- when I witnessed him kicking Shane McMahon's ass, live -- and has been an inspiration for my daily life ever since. He's almost a perfect role model who pr…

70% diet, 30% Sport. Der Schlüssel zum Erfolg

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It is Monday and it is TIME to go BEAST MODE! | #always #beastmode

Yep especially this Monday I had a running Manchester run test.I ran 20 times on a 100 yards field there a back was one waswhich equaled up to 200 yards.I'm a beast ❤⚽

You have to make time.

“It’s not about having time. It’s about MAKING time.” No more excuses. Set the tone for the week by getting a workout done. If you’re feeling tired, try doing a quick 10 minute workout. Any exercise.