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my God. this is so sad if true. and kinda rotten of Disney to use the way they did <<< It really is. My childhood has been ruined. I can't watch an episode of Phineas and Ferb the same way ever again.

Boom... right in the childhood. Ouch.

Childhood Ruined?

I made an inhumane sound at the Helga one, I laughed way too hard at the Moseby one, and the Goofy one killed me!

OMG love this theory

So you like to be mindf**ked?

How Elsa Got Her Powers. If that theory is true, then Jack Frost would be Elsa`s uncle and therefore shouldn`t be shipped.


I love how Ferb just goes with it

Oh, Ferb. XDXDXDXD‹‹‹‹‹‹‹Ferb's voice is Thomas Brodie Sangster, she should be happy.

... eine meiner größten Ängste. Und Sie versteht es leider nicht... Y.

Funny pictures about Welcome to Feel City. Oh, and cool pics about Welcome to Feel City. Also, Welcome to Feel City.

That's the story of my life

For me it's more like "Lets just assume for the moment that I don't like anybody here." Me in math class

Peter Pan in Disney Parks - Imgur

Peter Pan in Disney Parks

An epic Peter Pan. I love Disney characters at DL I have heard the best stuff about how good they are! <---- Peter Pan at Disney is obviously awesome.

Excuse me while I go cry

So sad but so beautiful how the baby's big brother plays in the sandbox to play with him I'm really crying! Why is life so sad at times?

those dumbass bombers have tye rigut to suck my dick cuz they are just a bunch of idiot assholes. pardon tue language but this whole incident just pisses me off and makes ke want to cry all at the same time:'(