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Baby Mugging Meme Serves Up Kids in Cups [PICS]

Have you committed "baby mugging?" Check out this adorable new photo craze!

how cute are these?! best dad ever

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Quando dolcezza e ironia incontrano l'illusione ottica. Così un bambino, di pochi mesi o anni, può essere contenuto all'interno di una tazza. Il sito americano Buzzfeed raccoglie gli scatti diffusi su Instagram dai genitori che hanno testato l'esperimento fatto in casa con la fotocamer

La fantasia dei genitori: così piccolo da 'entrare' in una tazza - Repubblica.it

Haha, this is such a funny idea!! :)

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Clinginess is a natural reaction to feeling fearful or anxious about something. In young children, clinginess is often a sign of anxiety caused by being separated from a primary caregiver. It is also common for children to exhibit clinginess when things feel unpredictable due to changes occurring in

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Two weeks ago, I wrote a post about how Mazzy doesn't listen to me.  The post centered around a discussion I had with my sister (the brilliant Dr. B) who told me to stop asking Mazzy so many questions. Particularly ones where "no" was not an acceptable answer.  I got so many res

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Baby Mugging

“Baby Mugging” An Instagram Trend!

Baby Mugging Have you committed "baby mugging?" Check out this adorable new photo craze! Want more stuff like this? LIKE us on Facebook facebook.com.imag..., We are on a mission to spread meaningful Parenting and Kiddie content far and wide.

Best of Baby Mugging (Gone Viral Edition)

Called coffee mugging.real cute way to pose baby for a fun shot