Anastassia Elias, a talented French artist, creates wonderful paper art inside of recycled toilet paper tubes.

Anastassia Elias creates beautiful little worlds inside of toilet paper rolls!


Anastassia Elias Creates Miniature Worlds Inside Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls 2


Obras de Arte en Platanos

Paris based artist Anastassia Elias undertook a project of silhouettes encased inside toilet paper rolls. The on-going series consists of toilet paper tubes

トイレットペーパーの芯の中アート07 アングルを変えた写真はこちら http://freshpics.blogspot.jp/2010/08/toilet-paper-roll-art.html?m=1


Toilet paper roll scenes by Anastassia Elias. This one is a mother and child looking at the giraffes at a zoo. reminds me of Luna and I, we were both super excited to see the giraffes together.

Cut Paper.

Apparently few men thought of how to turn a toilet roll into a work of art. So these toilet roll paper crafts appear so outstanding. Anastassia Elias, a




Paper cut collages inside of toilet paper rolls illustrations by Anastassia Elias. For more info on the Anastasia Elias, visit the website.

Wow! Makes my craft recycling planned projects seem lame in comparison!

Can You Spare a Square? Toilet Paper Tube Sculptures

Оригинальное творчество. Художник Anastassia Elias. | Наслаждение творчеством

These creations might be a bit beyond your average crafter, but they are beautiful to look at nonetheless. Artist Anastassia Elias mounts miniature papercut scenes inside toilet rolls, producing a tiny, layered world inside a very unlikely object.

Escenas de cine dentro de un rollo de cartón. Nos ha encantado. ¿Os veis capaces de hacer algo parecido? http://www.yorokobu.es/cine-de-carton/

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