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More like a every time impression. If I'm not put together then I've been working a lot. ⚡️

When a Capricorn isn't working like a busy bee, they'll snuggle up on the couch in some comfy clothes watching netflix. yup, yup this is me!

♑️ Us Caps are awesome like that

Capricorn Women are a 3 in 1 deal: a perfect mother, a perfect wife, and a perfect lover.


I have been told this ---- .Capricorn females have a strong presence. Some people get intimidated or overwhelmed by this.

Whoever wrote this really doesn't know what a stickler for perfection we Capricorns are.  Apostrophes have a time and place, and this wasn't it. >:-/  <--my inner grammar nazi

I'm not into the zodiac crap, but this is valid. whomever wrote this really doesn't know what a stickler for perfection we Capricorns are. The apostrophe, dawg.

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even if it seems like we do, know that we're doubting you all the way and changing everything you do behind ur back ;

Capricorn - we say it like it is. It's not to hurt anyone intentional it's just the plain truth. And the truth is hard to hear.

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Zodiac Capricorn facts: Capricorn yup to you I may not be listening but huni I'm all ears #BitchMode

[REPOST] — Zodiac Capricorn facts: Capricorn has a very lethal tongue when someone has pissed them off. But they’re smart though because they know how to use logic and facts to piss that person off even more.<< This is true.