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Make fishy friends everywhere you go 🐠🌏

Lost in Paradise.

goddess of the sea : Photo

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end of summer // malibu // smitten studio

тнᴇ ʀнутнм σf тнᴇ ɴιgнт

water water everywhere

waterfalls and best friends, what could get any better than that

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Ukaaa -- Placid Waves

Enjoy swimming in the blue lagoon of Comino - Malta

can't wait for summer! #thisistoci #casualluxury

can't wait for summer! #thisistoci #casualluxury

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"Eu nunca tive um porto-seguro. Tipo, alguém pra quem eu pudesse ligar às três da manhã porque fiquei acordado na cama e cheguei a conclusão que tava tudo ferrado e eu sem noção do quê fazer, alguém que fosse me socorrer sem nem perguntar o quê aconteceu ou que me entendesse só de me olhar nos olhos. Queria um, eu acho." — Vinícius Kretek.

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Patty: How can I live free and don't be alone? Because I love affection and attention

50 Warm and Sunny Beach Quotes

Beautiful blue ocean water is the best for a summer swim

Beach ocean sea sunset

summer, beach and sea image on We Heart It

mydraco:  Dolphin watching today was very incredible I nearly...

lostslightly: rrictus: Dolphin watching today was very incredible I nearly cried bc so majestic and I also nearly dropped my phone into the ocean numerous times BUT DIDN’T this is gorgeous