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Not Today

wtfff is wronggg with uuu stobbbb ittttt

pero mira nada mas esos abs

☾Jeon passive☽

Syeeet i wish i can save this in my phone but unfortunatelly it didnt move when…

my one and only  — sweaterpawsjimin:    ♡

Those powerful moves of Jimin are so breathtaking.

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sex slave • maknae line

I'm used to see Tae as this innocent child but boy know how to take it from 0 to a 100 real quick.

#wattpad #fanfiction Alguns coisas sobre a cultura coreana. E sobre k-pop

Dicionário do Kpop - Bangtan Sexy Gifs

- Qu'est ce que tu fous là Jimin? Demandais-je plus froidement que voulu

That moment when Jimin has nicer legs than you *flips table*