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Uusi muste: Muuton uudet fiiliskuvat

Uusi muste: Muuton uudet fiiliskuvat

Do your part to save the Bees. Not a meme but this is very important and this is my most popular board. SAVE THE BEES!

Bee Friendly Garden Guide

Starburst Slime that's EDIBLE! non-toxic taste-safe slime for kids made from candy! Kitchen science

Edible Slime from Starburst Candy

Looking for ways to keep some extra cash in your pocket this school year? Here are the money-saving hacks to know, thanks to 1000LifeHacks!

9 Money-Saving Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know

If happen to have been on the internet at all recently, you’ve probably noticed that bath bombs–those effervescent balls of color and perfume that your whole bath a certain color when you put them in–are having a bit of a moment. There’s the resurgence of the (excellent) bath bomb meme. The always-satisfying #bathbomb tag on Instagram, which seems to get new videos added to it every second.

12 Of The Coolest DIY Bath Bombs You Have To Make Today

"Congrats, you just found a new way to lose $10 (or more)." From: 12 Life Hacks Nobody Should Be Using

12 Life Hacks Nobody Should Be Using

6 Unexpected Uses for Those Baggies of Silica Beads From Your New Shoes

Save The Baggies of Silica Beads That Come With New Shoes For These 6 Handy Tricks

DIY Projects for Teenagers - Storybook Paper Roses - Cool Teen Crafts Ideas for Bedroom Decor, Gifts, Clothes and Fun Room Organization. Summer and Awesome School Stuff

75 Cool DIY Projects for Teenagers

Try putting wax cubes in a mason jar with holes. The heat will melt the wax and release the scent and Winning Car Hacks for Moms on Frugal Coupon Living.

Winning Car Hacks for Moms

Remember when your biggest complaint was that there wasn’t enough frosting in the packet of Dunkaroo’s?

100 '90s Kids Memes That Are Just A Huge And Hilarious Trip Down Memory Lane

Today, while innocently scrolling through Pinterest trying to get my work done, I stumbled upon an entire culture I never knew existed – a group of females who share some pretty basic beauty, hygiene, and fitness hacks dubbed “hoe tips.” They are on Tumblr, Twitter, and even have a trending section on Pinterest! “Hoe tips” are a collection of crazy looking images with tips on how to be… a female? I think?

20 "Hoe Tips" From Pinterest That Are Actually Really Important For Girls To Know

Get those little hands busy with over 50+ creative crafts that will help their development and pass some time instead of watching tv or playing gadgets.

50+ Creative Crafts to Keep your Kids Busy - Page 4

If I don't have the power to skip I mute it like it's the only thing I'm able to do with my time until the ad is over

30 Fresh Memes To Kick Start Your Day

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OMG Jellybeans! - 6th January 2017

We didn't know that the delicious drink, Kool-Aid, is good for things other than a refreshing drink. It turns out that you can make a lot of useful and fun stuff with Kool-Aid. Here are some of the coolest ideas you can make with Kool-Aid. They're easy and can be fun to do with your kids.

11 Really Interesting Things You Can Do With Kool-Aid MyFancyCraft artisans community represents works of the best craftsmen from all over Ukraine MyFancyCraft artisans community represents works of the best craftsmen from all over Ukraine