Kids and reading.

Head Over Heels For Teaching: Spark Student Motivation-Reading Counts: "There's no such thing as a kid who hates reading.[just] kids who are reading the wrong books"

Submitted by natalieclairedub *flashbacks of Mockingjay*

I've done this a few times. But if you're waiting that eagerly for a sequel then the previous books must have been awesome. Who wants to take breaks when you can be reading.

Great books....

❤ John Green "Great books help you understand, and they help you to feel understood." Omg so true.

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I was definitely the kid that got in trouble reading past my bedtime. Not that I got "in trouble" but I often read after my bedtime for sure. Remembering reading with a flashlight in our trailer house.

Yep! I try to avoid it at all costs! I love original book art and not movie promotions, regardless of how much I may end up liking a movie based on a book.

seriously you guys i purposely look for the books without the movie covers. if it has the movie cover i refuse to get it!

I ♥ レ O √ 乇 ♥ Books!!

“Wishing you could unread a book so you could read it again for the first time.” Only all the time. It's the same with movies for me. Or really listening to an amazing song for the first time.