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This gets me thinking... would love to make a super shag rug.

Discover thousands of images about Owh. Great in sandy colors as a warm rug.

Contemporary Weaving | http://weaving-arts.blogspot.com/

A replica of Pre-Columbian weaving, using cotton in warp and weft. Handdyed with indigo for ground warp and weft. Pattern shows on both sides. Six-shaft loom, using selection rods to get the pattern.

Maestras de artesanía - casa de Oficios. Talleres gratuitos, fotos y vídeo…

Плетение из газет

Free workshops, photo and video tutorials - Master class on weaving from newspapers: Ladybug

Twig Loom: Tie small twigs together for the loom. Wrap with yarn and weave! Try weaving with different width and textured materials, even paper. Construction paper strips, twisted tissue paper or crepe paper can be colorful and pretty. Wider or thicker material will fill your loom quickly, finishing the project faster.

This would be a great way to get ideas flowing for colors and textures to bring back to the loom! In These Hills: Weaving the Landscape. This activity teaches observation and the beauty of nature through art.

Hand-painted silk on a Mirrix Looms

Hand-painted silk on a Mirrix Looms.made a belt once on a hand loom/stick loom like this: very strong belt.

MENTŐÖTLET - kreáció, újrahasznosítás: Papírfonás alapjai

Weaving patterns of shirting fabrics. The weave of the fabric can influence the style or drape of garment.

Dimensional Weaving - Martina Celerin 3D fiber art: Taking the Redeye to Ohio

Dimensional Weaving - Martina Celerin fiber art: Taking the Redeye to Ohio

Yläpuolella Verso-ryijy

Yläpuolella Verso-ryijy