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Keep Calm posters:This Keep Calm poster is a parody of he popular Keep Calm and Carry On poster design format. This poster is a montage of designs featuring famous movie lines such as We're On A Mission From God from the Blues Brothers and Say Hello To My

THE GRAPHIC TRUTH: The Venn Diagram of Movie Quotes

The Venn Diagram of Movie Quotes

The best Venn diagram ever. Movie quotes from films including Cool Hand Luke, Apollo Top Gun, Jerry Maguire, Aladdin, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre and Brilliant.

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Steel Magnolias Movie Quote

I'm not crazy. I've just been in a bad mood for forty years. Steel Magnolias - Ouiser Boudreaux (cranky old southern spinster)

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Famous movie quotes: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon // Jerry Maguire // Notting Hill // As Good As It Gets // Casablanca // My Best Friend's Wedding // Dirty Dancing // Top Gun // Sleepless in Seattle // Gone with the Wind // Titanic // Forrest Gump

MOVIE ROOM. Objetos de decoração.

Limited Edition Ink Posters - Film Quotation Print - Exclusive to Rockett St George - i like this poster. would prob be pretty cool in my dressing room

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