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Pale-skinned, hot-headed, loud-mouthed, but kind-hearted. Gotta love an Irish girl.

Free and Funny Weekend Ecard: I am pretty sure my check liver light is gonna come on this weekend.

Rock paper scissors just got harder

Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock is for chumps. Rock-Paper-Scissors-Gun-Lightning-Devil-Dragon-Water-Air-Sponge-Wolf-Tree-Human-Snake-Fire is where it's at.

Blessing and a Curse!!! Busty Gurl Problems

12 problems busty girls have - Yep, I can relate to a few of these. (And I cut the "built in bra" out of everyone of my camisoles. what a joke!

Wouldn't it be funny to secretly place a sex toy in someone else's yard sale then stand back and watch the reactions?

Let me file that under fuck it

There’s a certain asshole who is in charge of the PTA’s money at my kids school. I don’t know who in the hell thought that would be a good idea. He can’t even handle his own money. I’d never consider being on the PTA with D.



Check out this funny meme picture about how a mix between a panda and Dora the Explorer make a Pandora!

Brain Fact

Brain Fact

Funny pictures about Scumbag Brain. Oh, and cool pics about Scumbag Brain. Also, Scumbag Brain.

I bought several bottles of wine for the party I'm throwing tonight. Also, I'm the only one on the guest list.

But my best friends bring beer :) a 6 pack for me and a 6 pack for you.and a 12 pack to share hahahaha Liu Dudley

LOL!! Oh my ... my mother cusses like a sailor; I learned from the best! I just reserve it for special occasions ;-)

Funny Breakup Ecard: I am going to verbally assault you like you would never expect from a white girl.

Good Luck With That

Good luck with that...