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How I simplified and organized each room in my house - with printable checklist
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15 Clever Ways to Get Rid of Kitchen Counter Clutter - Glue Sticks and Gumdrops
Kitchen interior organizers can help turn even the messiest of drawers into organized and efficient storage. From waste sorting to cookware organizing, IKEA kitchen interior organizers will make your everyday cooking routine easier.
For a lot of people in my generation, our grandparents grew up during the Great Depression. Folks in those years learned to get by on very little by saving and reusing pretty much everything. That's a beautiful way of thinking, but sometimes we, in our society of abundance, take it a little too far. We end up keeping things "just in case" even though they're readily available everywhere, and even if they weren't, we aren't likely to ever need them. A huge contributor to clutter in our ...
Take the bottoms out of crates and mount them as open shelving in a kitchen. An eclectic selection of tableware will help to add life to the look. Source
Get big storage capacity in a very small space with this 4-winged pegboard rack. It's perfect for the garage, but the casters on the base make it easy to move anywhere.
Change your life by decluttering - yes, really! Here are the reasons you should declutter your home and life starting today.