DIY teal tipped clip-in extensions!

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(In case it doesn't just come out) Heres how to remove a kool aid dip dye job: Boil 2-3 cups if water. When it starts boiling add 1/2 cup of baking soda. Let cool for a few minutes and dip hair in. The water should slowly begin to look the color of the dye. Once the color is out, shampoo and condition hair thoroughly.  Note that the hair is very tangly and dry so condition a few times.

This is very easy, all you need is kool-aid packets of the color you want. Dip for five minutes and wrap around hair with a towel.Then, you have your hair temporary dyed!

DIY vinegar hair dye

gonna learn how.

#COSPLAY #DYE #HAIR: 64 Color Temporary Color Dye Hair Chalk Pastel DIY Salon Kit Club Cosplay Party

64 Color Temporary Color Dye Hair Chalk Pastel DIY Salon Kit Club Cosplay Party

64 Color Temporary Color Dye Hair Chalk Pastel Color Run?

DIY teal dip tipped hair extensions

DIY video tutorial dyed extensions with pink tips

colored hair tips

blue colored hair tips

Kool Aid ♥

Kool Aid ♥

DIY // Dip Dye Hair  @ beautyjunkie.dk

DIY // Dip Dye Hair @ beautyjunkie.dk

look at my oldest daughter i adopted going to college allready :)

Dark hair with pink tips. love these skeleton leggings, too!

Clip-In Color Strips Human Hair Extensions by Put On Pieces by Put On Pieces. $8.50. 16" Human Hair Clip In Color Strips are 16" long color accents for a splash of instant fantasy color without commitment. Affordable, lightweight, and easy to apply. These 1" wide strips snap into your hair and can be taken out in a matter of seconds. Now you get salon color highlights without a costly salon visit! Features: 100% Human Hair - You can curl or straighten using ther...

Hairuwear - Human Hair Color Strips Extensions in Light Purple

use soft pastel chalk to temporarily color hair, awesome. It's probably best to wet hair first, then color, then heat with a blow dryer or any type of hair iron. Comes out with shampoo and conditioner. :)

Things needed: Soft Pastel Chalk (DO NOT confuse it with oil pastel. Oil pastel will be hard to remove). Just twist hair while chalking & brush away excess powder left from chalk.

Blue ends for summer DIY with chalk.

Toned-down hair chalk

I am either doing this or pink and purple.

I'd love to do this temporarily

safe color for kids! I LOVE IT

Chalk Highlights - Easy "no-dye" highlights for kids. Not just for girls, brother loves doing this too.

Feather your hair like Farrah with this easy tutorial.

3 Retro Hairstyles with a Modern Twist

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