One Direction Friend iPhone 6 Plus Case

One Direction Friend iPhone 6 Plus Case

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Ahaha I finally feel special! I'm so greatful, being in the same photo as One Direction!!!

OMG best picture ever! We look so cute :P If you look reaaaaally closely, you can see all members of one direction kissing me on the cheek<<<i think i blinked

For Niall "he looks like he causes too much trouble" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOUR SO WRONG

My Harrys hair is perfect. Loui cheeks are adorable.Horan does not cause trouble he is a sweet little prince. Zany is a bad boy, but also a sweet and caring boy. Ding ding ding you got Liam Payne correct.

How did he know.!

25 Heartbreakingly Hilarious Parent Reactions To Zayn Leaving One Direction>> same im glad this is a thing>> my mom called during class


Haha but just me. :( I don't know any other Directioners that live near me. I know tons of directionators that I'm trying to teach. But its not the same :( <<<<Same bro.