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My Favorite meme

Dating Site Murderer meme.

The Dating Site Murderer.

dating site murder meme.

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Dating Site Murderer - I will remove your head ache with an old family remedy.

No one will hear you scream As we all scream for Ice Cream Dating Site Murderer

Perfect meme for the creeper in your life.

Say goodbye to your family

Dating Site Murderer - i can't wait to whip you into shape for that marathon you were telling me about

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Funny Racist Asian Pictures

Paid attention to anatomy class, like bought with money for kind of paid

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"True Life: I'm In College".I'm pretty sure this sums things up for every person who has EVER.IN LIFE gone to college

Successful black man meme. Lol so funny. I could read these for hours.

31 Signs You Attend A Christian College

I always beat my wife to the car so i can open the door for her Successful Black Man

17 Deplorable Examples Of White Privilege


Dubstep as Alien Contact.

Bring back old memes

hahahaha this was awesome. White Girl Problem- not being as photogenic as The Ridiculously Photogenic Guy from the College of Charleston. Seriously, who runs a marathon and looks this good?

No emotion

haha so true! worst actress ever!

And here we see a female boat… preparing to feed. - “ And here we see a female boat… preparing to feed her young.

Annoying Childhood Friend: Let's flip a coin...

annoying childhood friend<<<<I'm that kid.