[IMG] Mahmoud Farshchian (January is a world renowned master of Persian painting and miniatures.


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Persina Painting by Mahmoud Farshchian ; Unnamed Girl ......

Iran Politics Club: Mahmoud Farshchian Online Gallery Persian Miniature Paintings - Ahreeman X

Sissy Cambis - Queen of Persia and the Mother of Darius III

A brief History Timeline of Persia all from the origin of human civilizations, agriculture and dynasties from 7000 B. until the present day of Iran.

Persian Queen

Empress Purandokht Sassanid, oldest daughter of Khosrow Parbiz and older sister of Azarmidokht and Turandokht, ruled Iran as head of the Empire.

<3<3 Pleasure pain 1990<3<3  - Paintings by Ostad Mahmoud Farshchian

Paintings by Ostad Mahmoud Farshchian