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How does Moses make tea?  HEBREWS it.

Funny pictures about Moses making tea. Oh, and cool pics about Moses making tea. Also, Moses making tea.

Oh la la !!! a good new

ice cream is a vegi. ice cream is from milk, milk from cows, cows eat grass, hense ice cream is a vegi. So chocolate ice cream is a healthy nutricious meal!

Ever make mistakes in life?  Use the Bob Ross method and attitude and lets make them birds.  Yeah, they're birds now.  (And happy ones at that too!)

They're happy birds that live in happy trees! I love Bob Ross aka the happy painter

Many rules exist for this i.e. or e.i. placement. Here is only one of them. See the other rules in "The Elements of Style", by William Strunk & E.B. Whitel

The English language. I gave up spelling things correctly.I guess teaching kids to sound things out has ruined my spelling ability lol


Funny pictures about Dear Millionaires. Oh, and cool pics about Dear Millionaires. Also, Dear Millionaires.

Cheetahs, cheetahs everywhere! - Imgur

Cheetahs, cheetahs everywhere!

Man you're such a cheetah, let's eat some zebra or whatever. Cheetah is also what Tiger Woods changed his name to a while back.

Need to try

Why didnt we think of this sooner. I now need to convince some kids to play Simon says with me.

I like this idea!

'At my Funeral I'd lie there to be a Piñata so that People can be happy.but filled with Bees so They're not TOO Happy'. Now THAT'S my kind of Funeral, Ha!

Bahahahahah!! wish i could do all these things

This guy deserves a medal!!!!!

This Guy. He's my hero! Why one wife new cheeses to shop alone warm 21 husband or boyfriend whco shoppe rug. This letter WTS mm by " Ttritt. ir this guy deserves a medal Shopping hero


i find this humerus. wow im actually getting thumbs<br /> make this my first top /> i think i just brought a wave of bone jokes<br /> d i find this humerus wow im actually getting thumbs<br /> make my first top think just brought a wave of bone jokes<br d

Because I can't cuss in front of Drake anymore ;-)


Eat shit and die=excuse me. Eat shit and die, mother fucker=excuse me, sir. Eat shit and die, bitch=excuse me ma'am.

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35 Funny Quotes

Relatable Post it's impossible to slowly tip toe around without activating your T-rex arms

Every darn time I create a new account if some sort... The fun part is remembering what passwords need capitols and numbers.

Sorry But Your Password Must Contain. funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke hilarious humor stories funny jokes