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Elm tree in Pittsfield, Mass.


Autumn flame (Photo by by Tsuguharu Hosoya) This is beautiful. Imagine lying under this tree looking up at the sky/colors.

I want to swing on this swing in my backyard

I have fond memories of my tree swing as a kid! No kid should go through their childhood without their own tree I loved it up there!

Mystic Forest, Netherlands - 50 Of The Most Beautiful Places in the World looks kinda creepy tho


Tree cold atmosphere in Montclair, New Jersey >looks like a piece of art!

Lost in the woods..

{"Afterburn, Torridon - Fire damaged Pine trees below Liathach (by Richard Childs)"} ~~so many of our pines had this look after a forest fire.




Good reference for the gray scale in Sarah Chintomby Horrar 's painting!

Kamakura Pond with Trees and Clouds! —

I love the purple of the trees. "Kamakura Pond, Japan, with Trees and Clouds by Copyright © Daniel Ruyle An infrared photo.


Fog Landscape: I love fog, however it's a love that is tinged by just a sprinkle of discomfort. I mean anything could come out of the FOG and I wouldn't have seen it coming. But I do really love fog.

Eucalyptus forest, New Zealand, is this real?

Eucalyptus Forest, New Zealand looks like a cross between a Christmas light show and a fairy land - would be a beautiful setting for a wedding.