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Change Zodiac Sign Cancer to Cancer Free! switch the terminology of attractive for sexy as hell.and it just took me back to memory lane but it was all lies and fake just like what surrounds that person life.


The “totally adorable but also basically Satan” zodiac squad… ★// Scorpio // Libra // Sagittarius // Pisces // Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋// Gemini //<---- ummm but I'm adorable. :-) but still basically Satan

Eh maybe sometimes it is easy because they tend to stare at me like dang take a picture will you!!

zodiacfire: “ The “will walk right passed an ex like they never even dated” zodiac squad… ★ // Libra // Virgo // Cancer // Sagittarius // Scorpio // Capricorn // Pisces // ”

I'm not angry at /everything/ she does.... And it's not actual anger... More like... Playful annoyance

I'm not angry at /everything/ she does. And it's not actual anger. Playful annoyance<<I'm not possessive at ALL.I'm more of a Capricorn in this one.

The “acts wise but is also crazy” zodiac squad… ★// Cancer // Libra // Scorpio // Leo // Capricorn // Virgo //

your sign is already commented, don't comment your sign. Just repost. If your sign isn't commented, comment it. Keep the zodiac chain going.

The “Bring Me Food + Music + I’m Happy” Zodiac Squad // Cancer // Libra // Scorpio // Gemini // Capricorn

This is me on a daily basis ♏️ Sometimes just can't wait to get home to rip that mask off my face..

The “emotional wreck but acts like everything is totally fine” zodiac squad… ★// Gemini // Scorpio // Capricorn // Virgo // Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋// Aquarius //

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What your horoscope says about you? Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋ - You are unique. I'm one of a kind Taurus

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Never mess with a Scorpio, they can easily recognize your weaknesses and it is easier for them to destroy enemies than to make friends.

Scorpio ★ I like the fact that it looks like she's flipping us off.

The Water Element

- What you value (Jupiter sign) - Your inner drive (Pluto sign) - How you communicate (Mercury sign)