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Yes I have kissed my pitbulls today.

I haven't owned a Pitbull yet but I have been around them. And I really want one of my very own. :D

Most people have no idea what they're talking about when they listen to ridiculous stereotypes before actually experiencing the unconditional love this breed offers ! Pitbulls are the most loving and loyal dogs PERIOD!

Pit Bulls? dangerous? Not as dangerous as I will be if you continue to talk out of your ignorant informed ass.

Free and Funny News Ecard: Pit Bulls? Not as dangerous as I will be if you continue to talk out of your ignorantly informed ass.

THIS is why I am a loyal Pit bull lover! THEY LOVE KIDS!!!! They PROTECT KIDS! THEY are LOYAL TO their family!!! It's the owners NOT the Breed!

Not everyone knows that Pits were once used as nanny dogs.

This says it all.

Uncruel: When Pit Bulls Were Nannies.

And they liked it back.

Pitties are the best kissers!

The truth about Pit Bulls.  They are not the bullies people think.  I know several friends with Pits.  They are nice dogs and get along great with my Pomeranian.

Beyond the Myth documentary. the truth about pitbulls & breed restriction laws

Yet another myth! "Their behavior is genetically determined."  Genetics contribute to a dog’s behavior in certain ways, but behavior is largely connected to environment and socialization. It can even be linked to things such as “early nutrition, stress levels experienced by the mother during pregnancy, and even temperature in the womb. A well loved pittie is priceless!

17 Things Every Pit Bull Owner Is Sick Of Hearing

17 Pit Bulls That Prove Breed Specific Legislation Doesn't Know What It's Talking About.- is jeter all the way around! I love my pit mix ~ love the pups expression

Love these old pictures

Have you hugged a pit bull today?

Valentine's Day Ideas for your pets!

Valentine’s Day Is Coming Up!

kiss-a-bull ~ October is Pit Bull Awareness month. don't forget to kiss a pitty ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ now more than eva'

I have totally seen that face before!

Pretty pit bull!

Is your pit bull feeling pitty?


Pitbull, pit bull, aluminum dog signs glpbbully

True story people!

Responsible owners + loving homes = good dogs - Pitbull fact

Pitbulls & parolees!

Mariah and Tania - Pitbulls & Parolees

World War I poster with a Pit Bull as the patriotic representation of the United States.

40 Terribly Interesting Facts About Pit Bulls

The pit bull was so respected in the early that the military chose an image of a dignified pit bull to represent the country on World War I propaganda posters.