Cheetah cubs - the rock stars of the big cats!



Cheetah cubs at NCA, Tanzania by Alessandro Soresina/Alesimba…

I just love the baby mohawks cheetahs have!

Cutest baby animal ever!

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runing Baby Cheetah, National Geographic More Baby Cheetahs Cute Cheetah Baby Cheetah Cute Cheetah and mom mom and baby chee.

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Lavenderpaw medicine cat apprentice mentor is Dewshade. 7 moons old. Lavender colored eyes, really pretty.

Cheetah Cub

My favorite animal!

crescentmoon b & w

" MOM CHEETAH: " I knows, but it waz a stressful day. Lemme chill out for a few minutes.

captvinvanity: “ Caresses between cheetahs | Photographer | CV ” Masai Mara - Igor Altuna

NUTMEG THE CAT, 31-YEARS OLD CAT: The World Oldest Living cat

Caresses Between Cheetahs by Igor Altuna

For anybody who's having a bad day here are some snow Leopards nibbling on their tails

For anybody who's having a bad day here are some snow Leopards nibbling on their tails

If you are having a bad day, just look at these pictures of snow leopards holding their tails.

King Cheetah (VU)

King cheetah cubs (note track mark pattern on spine)

I'll sick my cats on you

The pictures of baby cheetahs do not make you think of ferocious wild cats that can reach speeds of sixty eight to seventy five miles per hour as it chases prey down to make a kill.

This is so sweet, Mom and baby resting in the shade 0f big tree.

Cheetah Mother Giving Her Cub Some Tender Loving Care.


A mother's love

Wildlife Animals & Nature

Wildlife Animals & Nature

Cheetah family... webs of wounds

When I was younger it's kinda sad how much I loved cheetahs

This picture might or might not be included in the rotating pictures of my background

Pretty Cheetah Baby, Seemingly a Little Bit on the Sad Side.