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prism stickers....I had a sticker book and I would trade my stickers with other kids. Did you???

Vintage Sandylion Rainbow Heart Bears Prism Stickers 80's Prismatic

Sticker collectors of the 80s knew that "oilies" were premium tradeables.   # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Sticker collectors of the knew that "oilies" were premium tradeables.haha omg i actually had the ones on the bottom, the ice cream sundae ones (figures lol)

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Pink Flamingo Sandylion Stickers... I knew I had these exact ones, I was sticker crazy as a child!

Pink Flamingo - Vintage 90s Sandylion Stickers - 4 panels - LAST LOT

Pink Flamingo - we had sticker books and sticker collections and I swear I had these exact ones.

I had all of these from McDonald's

I remember "Barbie Happy Meal" toys. A lot of trips took place to McDonalds to get another Happy Meal and another Barbie.

bright shoestring barretts

Shoe Lace Hair Bows~ I loved these but never wore them. I did however put them in my niece's hair.

Rainbow Brite

I can remember playing with these dolls when I was a little girl! I loved the horse, Starlight!

Prism teddy bear stickers

ON SALE Vintage Sandylion Rainbow Heart Bears Prism Stickers Prismatic. Preeeeetty sure I had these is my collection. How I loved my sticker collection until it got stolen. Two big photo albums. Never actually put the stickers on anything.

Trip Down Memory Lane - One of the funnest games from my childhood. They sure don't make them like this anymore.

Trip Down Memory Lane