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Eyyyyyyy paps~

Happy Birthday stay as awesome as you are! ovo This charming G!Papy was requested by the super cool for her dearest friend and I hope I could do it justice~

"Yes he went thataway" by Zarla  (deviantart)

"Yes he went thataway" by Zarla (deviantart)

Them fanfics. . . (SPOILERS) by GoalPuppet on DeviantArt

Discussing with some undertale fans we reached the conclusion that Papyrus would make a great dad. ____ As I was having a conversation with this idea poped up on my head. Ebil Temmie would make it .

ASK THE SKELE-HOUSEHOLD! * He's beauty!* He's grace!* He's a major political figure in Snowdin! -- PLEASE NOTE: - Only send questions to the ask blog - Do not talk about Genocide route - Keep ...

Would you rather be fluffy like sans, or a great hugger like papyrus? I would rather be a great hugger

Undyne, Papyrus, Sans, and Frisk - comic

Undyne, Papyrus, Sans y Frisk - comic xD, nunca me los imagine con Tutu xDDD