Asieybarbie's Garnet fanart animation. Steven Universe

Oh ma gosh that third eye though

"Se o porco inteiro fosse perfeito, não haveria cachorro quente."

"If every pork chop was perfect we wouldn't have hot dogs"

Shade-less Garnet Fanart~~this is actually one of the best things i have ever seen in my life

Shade-less Garnet Fanart

Shade-less Garnet edits

Resultado de imagen para gif de steven universe videojuego

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"It's ok. I can heal her. Her gem. It's ok, I won't hurt you or her, I can help..." ~яσѕє qυαятz:

I can heal her." ~яσѕє qυαятz:<<<< AWWW Saph is so determined to protect Ruby, and Ruby wants her to run so she will be safe Oh my feels

Character development

Character Designs de Gravity Falls, do Disney Channel

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pearls blue and yelllow



Gem Math - hellosaur:

Gem Math - hellosaur

* they forgot about rainbow quartz! i still like the picture tho

SU, Garnet by on @DeviantArt

SU, Garnet by LadyAmaltea Garnet Paint Tool Sai/ Photshop Background from…