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Sky Pirate costume- skirt and skirt wrap would be an easy make. So would the belt. Have pattern for the different corsets. Or forget costume: just wear this when you don't want anyone to mess with you. Like an audition. Or the DMV.

A corset is a garment worn to mold and shape the torso to emphasizes a curvy figure, by reducing the waist and exaggerating the bust and hips. An overbust corse

This here arrrr New Buxom Bodice, it be replacing the Wench Bodice. It fixes the problem of the Wench Bodice of sometimes be a underbust and some times overbust corset. It has a longer torso than the

Castleford Gown

Castleford Gown

Made of lightweight poly-cotton blend, this shapely dress gives the illusion of wearing both an under chemise and over gown. The lace-up sides, back, and sleeves allows for a perfect fit.

I whisper poetry to myself.

Green steampunk dress-A lovely style, high-waisted, half-corset dress that can be worn over shirt and with suspenders.