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Worbz offers a look at contemporary photography. A showcase of revealing outstanding talents and trends.

No WAY! This is such an easy (and cheap!) way frame a canvas. It makes a $22 DIY art piece look like it's worth much more!!

How to Frame a Canvas (for Cheap

No more!!! There is no fucking reason or excuse that can make abuse and cruelty okay. Fight abuse and cruelty in ALL its forms. Fight it tooth and nail, knuckle and skull. This is a poison, a poison that spreads. Abuse is such an issue that the Centers For Disease Control  and the US Department of Health and Human Services have done massive amounts of research. ABUSE IS AN EPIDEMIC! It spreads like any other disease.Humans victimize children,untreated children become twists. TRUTH. FIGHT…

Humans have no more of a right to be on this planet than other animals. Years of tradition and a social belief of human supremacy has led us to believe that humans have a right to kill other beings. We share this planet with many other animals.

OAK NYC by Jesse Draxler

OAK NYC by Jesse Draxler

Ishel Brimhall-- OAK NYC by Jesse Draxler. I could use this idea for advertisement as it would fit within the logo as well.

Beautiful digital art you could display in your classroom to facilitate discussion about global warming. You could present one of images and ask the students what they think it's trying to convey, no text is needed to spark discussion. Great way to get students interested and engaged in the topic.

The Amazing Digital Art of a Disillusioned Idealist

Illustrations by US based arist Wenqing Yan. Wenqing is a Practice of Art major at UC Berkeley with a focus on environmentalism and cyber activism. She specializes in digital art but also enjoy traditional watercolor, sculpting, and origami.

Make this easy paper sleeve out of inexpensive parcel paper.

16 Cool Ideas For Homemade Mix CD Artwork

DIY How to make a CD case with one piece of paper! DIY How to make a CD case with one piece of paper! DIY How to make a CD case with one piece of paper!

. Alice in Wonderland

Down the rabbit hole (Photographer: John Flury Model / Cosplayer: Yvonne Gwerder. via by BlackWarsheep) [wonderland] [Alice]

We’ve all been in a situation where our camera is trying so hard to focus, but the lens keeps jutting in and out and can’t lock because it doesn’t have enough light to do its job. We know this feeling well. We're sharing our top tips for shooting receptions in low light so that you’ll feel more confident at your next wedding to get crisp images even when you’ve got nothing to work with but a black sky!

5 Ways to Get Sharp Focus in Dark Receptions

This is just cool!!!!                                                       …

There is No Worse Feeling than Feeling Stuck

Sometimes, feeling trapped is in your head. Sometimes, you feel trapped because you are trapped. Once when you decide which it is, you can search for a way out.