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This cats face :D When you have a weird dream about someone and when you wake up feeling completely different about them.


😂😂😂haha this is what we call the detention of pure raw fake fake fake . don’t like Kylie Jenner at all 🤢

In my class if someone says that we go, "Oh my gosh why would u say that" loudly

Theres always that 1 motherfuckerrrrr in class hahahahahaha

been too polite to do this to certain ppl

I honestly don't care tho like if I offended u o well it's just my opinion

when you don't find anything to wear... then you ll be like this funny cat. lol ... hahhaha

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Socially awkward encounters

25 Socially Awkward Things We All Do, But Will Never Admit.

But doesn't it mean that (by pinning this) I'm not only admitting that I supposedly do these things but am now broadcasting it to the Internet, because apparently it's cool to be socially awkward now? Food for thought.

There is NO excuse:

28 Pictures That Are True For Absolutely No Reason At All