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Berserk - Judeau - "Sunset" (Fanart by Pixiv User hunsay)

Anime Art, Sad


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Koto Koto - The Little Prince

gazing into the secrets of the universe

pixiv ことコト - Google Search

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Sakimori/#1929572 - Zerochan

Sakimori/#1929572 - Zerochan

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Voss view of the stars

here & now

Beautiful Anime girl in Kimono :o

All i need is love! (Click it for the story!)

All i need is love!

Her mother, not afected by her words, gives a fake smile.

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Awesome Art / Forest

Landscape Paintings and photographs Picture Description a simple quick light study sketch i did last night making of…

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Imagen de anime and vocaloid

37, Denys Tsiperko on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/37-4a91be8c-cbbb-4eae-98ae-57148ea81d34

Set of various digital illustrations by Denis Tsiperko.