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sorry, I do not ship Destiel. but this is pretty damn funny. it'd also be kind of awesome, just maybe not the dialogue

That last one is definitely the best

Supernatural subtitles :"D - oh man, seriously these are hilarious! I need to start watching with subtitles. -[Dean randomly dies in shower] is the funniest subtitle in the history of Supernatural subtitles

supernatural humor funny tumblr dying laughing!!!!!

Funny as hell, then MISHA! OMGs, I hurt myself laughing at that last image.<< Jensen used to be a cheerleader too

Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel are missing :/ luci too

Best angel descriptions ever. I still can't get over Anna. "Died due to her ownership of a vagina"<< Best description of SPN angels

50 Ugliest Male Actors - Uh, no. "I know for a fact females were not consulted about that.

The Castiel one though

The Castiel one though

But dean does like carry on my wayward son, it's a classic.

But dean does like carry on my wayward son, it's a classic.

I don't know how they didn't crack up in the middle of this scene. Haha. I love Jensen's face in that last block.

One of my favorite scenes with Castiel in Supernatural :D I'd be the babysitter to his pizza man anytime <---- bad, very very bad. But SO funny!

Don't ship Destiel, but this is awesome

We know that no other angel can care for Dean the way that Cas does. No one dare try. Yay for the pie thing though haha