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archetank: Quick Star Wars: TFA comic what I done. archetank: Quick Star Wars: TFA comic what I done. That last panel is also my (Hux) reaction when people try to spoil my Kylux fun.

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You know, if Anakin actually got off his lazy, force-ghost butt, a lot of awful crap could have been avoided.

Star Wars Republic Costume Evolution Infographic | I love how Padme's got tons of outfits, Anakin has around six, and Obi-wan's basically stays the same the whole time!

Star Wars Costume Evolution: Republic Edition [Infographic]

LOLOLOLOLOLOL  I hate the idea of Kylux soooo this was great for me! Kylo needs to focus on ruling the Galaxy!!!

whiluna: “ based on a textpost by I arrived in hell a few days ago when I finally saw this movie so… expect more trash soon. ”<<< Hux thinking: Awww, he's gonna mention me.

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I can imagine the whole How Mom met Dad thing---Son: "How did you and mommy meet daddy" and then Kylo just looks at a smirking Rey. Rey:"I struck him down" "God Rey NO"


that doesn't matter! he killed hundreds of innocents and jedi! Jedi are a little bit hypocritical; they say they want to keep the force balanced but just want to destroy the sith. That doesn't sound like balance to me.

Star Wars technology...XD Hahaha, I never noticed this! Probably seemed too far-fetched at the time.

Star Wars technology.

Star Wars Technology… Hey, it was a long long time ago u know…

This could be interesting. Especially if they turned out to be siblings. Very Jacen and Jaina.

The feels! Not my top choice for how their arcs should end, but not bad either. - Star Wars the Force Awakens