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YES lol there was one time I read an entire book ALL. DAY. LONG and could not stop until I finished it xD

I swear if school, volleyball, and basketball didn't exist I would read for days at a time << provided I found a book interesting enough to do nothing else for that long

i wish i could feel that mini heart attack

You start sweating, and you panic ❤️yep so true only w/me my phones in the other pocket

Sorry guys, it feels like I haven't been on in forever! I missed all of y'all!


When i was younger it was with age though. Example: 11 years old felt like someone was a young responsible adult.

It's called being yourself

This CANNOT explain the full extent of how me and my best friend act(but pretty close)😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Teenager Post When I read your text messages I can hear exactly how you would say it. (this is when I text my friends)

I smile at old people and they look at me scared or they look disgusted. I do small things for them like open a door or something and they make a snarky remark or ignore me like I'm not there and didn't do it

So true and if u have your hood up they look at u like she is such a teenage thug